London Event Photography – 8 Northumberland Avenue


As  London Event Photographer, I’m no stranger to lugging my gear around public transport – however the Spectacular London Event Venue that is 8 Northumberland Avenue requires no extra travel, being quite literally the most central London Event Venue you can get. Situated less than a minute’s walk from the Capital’s iconic Trafalgar Square, 8 Northumberland Avenue began it’s life in 1887 as the Hotel Victoria. It operated up until the 1940s when it was requisitioned by the War Office, and it remained closed to the public for 70 years until 2009 when it underwent a year of major refurbishment. It reopened in 2010 and the grandeur of the space is undeniable. It seems to be a genuinely versatile space, accommodating events for up to 1000 people and catering for the whole range of corporate and private events.

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